I’ll find my way

“Under the series title “Ich finde meinen Weg” (I’ll find my way), the Deutsche Hauptstelle für Suchtfragen e.V. (DHS), with the support of the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA) (Federal Centre for Health Education), produced five animated videos for adolescents and young adults from families with addiction problems.

The short films of about one and a half minutes are dedicated to central themes of adolescence and young adulthood: leaving home, love, dealing with alcohol, choosing a career and finding oneself.

This video is about alcohol: Just having fun, belonging, trying things out. Maybe these are reasons for you to drink alcohol. Or maybe you’re annoyed by the fact that alcohol always has to be involved at parties. Saying no is totally normal!

The videos are accompanied by a leaflet that can be ordered and downloaded free of charge from the DHS and the BZgA.”

Find more from DHS and BZgA (Germany, June 2022)

Enable subtitles (CC) and choose Auto-translate from Settings.

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