How much you drink in front of the kids this summer?

“Many adults will drink alcohol, even when they are with children. Children are quick to notice when adults drink alcohol, but where does the line really lie?

Every year, IPSOS, on behalf of Av-og-til, asks between 500 and 1000 children how they experience adult alcohol use. Based on these surveys, and other research in the field, Av-og-til has developed the following advice for adults who drink alcohol.

  1. Drink a maximum of two glasses when you are with children
  2. Keep most days without alcohol – even if you have time off
  3. Agree a common practice also with other adults
  4. Don’t forget tomorrow
  5. Remember that children notice that you have been drinking earlier than you think
  6. Be especially careful during holidays.”

Find more from Av-og-til (Norway, June 2022)

Listen to a new song from Oral Bee, Big Ice and Ta det Rolig-kidsa who have a clear message for all parents: “Take it easy, it lasts with a glass or two”.

Words (Google Translate):

Holiday time, adult drinks
Do not drag it there too far then I will be unsure
We are kids, we come first
You can switch to soda if you are really thirsty
Ahh! They buzz more than bees
Ahh! Do not hear what I say
Ahh! Loud voices in my home
There are children present here, so take it easy!

Oh, oh, take it easy
it holds with a glass, or two!
Oh, oh, take it easy
it holds with a glass, or two!

You smell stinky and give hard hugs
We’re in now, but you use outside votes
Many forget what we see
What you do, what happens
We do not love the smell and the sound
No need to take off completely when we go to the South
That beer hardly tastes so amazing
when children are present, remember to take it easy!

It’s summer, it’s July
We’re on the beach and I sip on a Kuli,
I know summer weather makes you thirsty
But it holds with two glasses for the kids come first!

Yeah… a glass sometimes is chill
Just remember to stop before the mood gets wild
… take it easy!

Take it easy!

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