Safely home also in summer

“The information campaign “Safe at Home in Advent” has already been held four times. Now the project for more road safety in Salzburg is being extended to the warm season.

After the corona-related restrictions of the past two years, many people are looking forward to the upcoming summer celebrations and festivities. With the new campaign “Safely home in summer”, the professional group of the transport trades with passenger cars in the WKS, the province of Salzburg, the Salzburg Provincial Police and the Salzburg Transport Association call for responsible traffic behaviour. This is to avoid alcohol-related accidents on the way home. The main message of the safety campaign is that anyone who has had one too many drinks should leave the car behind and not endanger themselves or others. Taxis and public transport offer options for a safe, short and pleasant way home.

“In summer, Salzburg’s club life shows its best side with many festivals and events,” says Transport Provincial Councillor Stefan Schnöll. “I, therefore, appeal to everyone, but especially to organisers and entrepreneurs, to think about a safe journey home for visitors when they are organising the event, by organising shuttle services or actively pointing out the use of public transport and taxis.”

The need for action in this area is shown by the figures of the Salzburg police with regard to drunk and drug-impaired drivers. From January to March, 522 drunk drivers and 79 drivers no longer able to drive due to drug use were stopped during traffic controls. Compared to 2021, this is almost double.

Newspaper advertisements, city lights, rolling boards and radio spots now call on all Salzburgers to come home safely. In addition, buses and taxis transport the essential messages through the city and the province.”

Find more from (Austria, June 2022)

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