A as addiction

“Addictions can affect us all. So don’t be left alone, because help is always available!

We take off the addictive stigma attached to them from addictions. Everyone has the right to get help and services for substance abuse and addiction problems. So take the first step to get help, whether you’re struggling with the disadvantages of the addiction yourself or whether you have someone who needs help in a family, circle of friends, or workplace, for example.

Addiction is identified in the context of a number of different substances and behaviours, such as alcohol, drugs, doping, gambling, digital gambling, sex, or even the pursuit of a particular body. In the A as Addiction campaign, the letter A means just this wide spectrum of harmful addictions.

THE CAMPAIGN video at the center of our campaign is carried by the chorus of Juice Leskinen ‘s song Morning begins with A. Singer Netta Laurenne has made a new version of it for the campaign. The original song was released on the album Pyromaani palaa rikospaikalle in 1985. At the time of its release, the song mirrored alcohol dependence, but today A can be thought of as all harmful addictions.”

Find more from A-Clinic Foundation (Finland, February 2022)

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