Grown Ups Show Up

“In the launch of its new “Grown Ups Show Up!” campaign, Ossining’s Communities that Care Coalition (OCTC) is urging adults to Show Up and be good sources of information to teens and young people about the risks of underage alcohol and drug use.

Initiating a conversation or answering tough questions on this topic may be difficult for parents and other role models, the campaign acknowledges, but is key when communicating with young people.

“We found that two out of every five middle and high school students in Ossining report never having conversations with their parents about alcohol and drugs,” said Alice Joselow, OCTC coordinator. “Grown Ups Show Up! is in direct response to that and gives parents and other adults the tools, tips, and supports they need to provide accurate, helpful information on ways to begin this important two-way dialogue with young people.”

Read further from Patch (USA, February 2022)

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