Tournée Minérale – 2022

A month without alcohol: this is the challenge offered during the month of February by Tournée Minérale! A healthy challenge, the results of which will surprise you, and from which you will come out a winner on many levels. 

A glass of wine or a beer after work, after training, while preparing the meal… for many, alcohol is part of the routine, sometimes daily. But this regular, sometimes excessive consumption is not devoid of impacts. With more than 12 liters of pure alcohol/year/inhabitant, Belgium is at the forefront of alcohol consumption in Europe. The harmful use of alcohol causes 10.5% of deaths in Belgium (approximately 10,000 deaths/year). Alcohol is the second leading cause of preventable death just behind tobacco.

Since 2021, a few changes have taken place: the Cancer Foundation has indeed decided to pass the baton, and it is now two Belgian prevention associations that are leading Tournée Minérale. In Flanders, VAD / De Druglijn is taking over the project. In French-speaking Belgium, it is the non-profit organization Univers santé which now accompanies you for your Tournée Minérale.”

Find more about Tournée Minérale (Belgium, February 2022)

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