Yes You Can

“With more Aussies than ever partaking in Dry January, particularly after a spike in drinking amid last year’s lockdowns, opting for non-alcoholic options seems to be a no-brainer.

Particularly when one considers abstaining from the drink can benefit overall health, contribute to weight loss, and improve mental clarity and sleep, something Yes You Can drinks are keen to support.

In a bid to encourage Aussies to cut back on the booze this Dry January, Australian start up Yes You Can has launched an all-new campaign in the most unlikely of places; a Bondi bottle shop.”

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“What to do if you don’t want to partake but still want to feel part of the occasion? To rediscover early mornings, sharpen your social skills, enjoy moments of clarity without the extra haze? What to do when you feel like actually remembering those nights to remember?

These were some of the questions that Yes You Can founder Tyler Martin asked while training for the Olympics. With his gruelling schedules and early starts, he wasn’t in the market for hangovers but still wanted to hang out.

A few years later, his pregnant partner Sophie encountered a similar problem. Why was there a lack of sophisticated alternatives to sugary sodas and bland waters when you’re off or cutting down alcohol? Together they decided to bring an idea to life, Yes You Can was born.”


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