Preventing and living with breast cancer

French TikToker Cynthia Kå has won her battle with breast cancer and is dedicating herself to raising awareness among young women. She launched her Instagram and TikTok accounts during “Pink October”, or breast cancer awareness month, to give advice on how to prevent and cope with the disease.

Beyond breast cancer prevention, her videos are about wellness, nutrition and mental health. This also attracts many subscribers who do not have cancer:

When we know that 85% of breast cancers are caused by endocrine disruptors, for me prevention should focus on: how can we reduce them? It also means talking about alcohol, which is one of the causes of breast cancer that is not really mentioned at all. It’s also about well-being, stress, mental health.

Read further from The France 24 Observers (France, 2022)


Répondre à @mouradosamigos tu as raison alors reupload avec plus de détails ! 🙌🏾 #lavieenrose #octobrerose

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