Dropless January popular with young adults

A survey commissioned by Kantar TNS Oy by EHYT ry shows that 17 per cent of citizens who use alcohol spent January in 2021 alcohol-free. Tipaton (Dropless) was especially popular with young adults. Of those interviewed, 23 percent under the age of 25 said they had spent Tipaton.

“The popularity of alcohol-free January has risen from a few years ago. This may also be affected by the Sober-curious phenomenon, which is especially evident among young adults,” says Maaret Väkinen, EHYT’s communications expert.

The Tipaton January campaign, which will run in January 2022, will encourage you to consider the reasons behind your own alcohol use. During the month, we talk about the Sober curious trend, which is loosely translated as a curious attitude towards an alcohol-free lifestyle. This phenomenon, which has become popular around the world, encourages the questioning of one’s own habits related to alcohol use.

According to the survey, many will continue Tipaton even after January. Forty-four per cent of those who spent Alcohol-Free January had continued it until February. 19 percent said they drank less alcohol after Tipaton than before.”

Find more from EPT Network (Finland, January 2022)

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