Anti-Drink and Drug Driving campaign

“The sad consequences of being arrested for drink driving-related offences are being laid bare in new bodyworn video footage showing the damaging effect it can have on all involved.

It is being released by Gloucestershire Constabulary as drivers are being warned not to get behind the wheel after a pint too many this Christmas with the launch of the annual Anti-Drink and Drug Driving campaign.

Motorists can expect to see more roadside police checks both in urban and rural areas across the county when the festive clamp-down begins.

This year’s campaign, which is being launched on Tuesday 30 November, will run across the county for the whole of December.

The campaign, coordinated by Gloucestershire Constabulary with Gloucestershire County Council, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service, and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, aims to educate drivers of the dangers and penalties they could face by getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or drugs and to blow some of the myths associated with drink driving.”

Read further from Gloucestershire Constabulary (UK, November 2021)

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