The best you can give your kids for Christmas

“Many adults want to enjoy alcohol, even when they are with their children. Many children think it’s all right, but where does the line really go?

Every year, on behalf of Av-og-til, IPSOS asks between 500 and 1,000 children how they experience adults’ alcohol use. Based on those surveys, and other research in the field, Av-og-til has prepared the following advice for adults who drink alcohol.

  1. Drink a maximum of two glasses when you are with the children
  2. Have the most days without alcohol
  3. Agree with other adults
  4. Do not forget tomorrow
  5. It is important to remember that children notice if you have consumed more alcohol than you thought
  6. Be especially aware during holidays and celebrations

When we are with children, we should remember that “good mood” is not always the same for us adults, as for the children. The effects of alcohol that we adults may think are positive can be unpleasant for children. When we raise our voices, are a little closer or laugh a little louder, we may think that we are just having an extra nice time. For children, this can be disgusting and uncomfortable. Children notice change earlier than we adults think. After a few glasses, it can be difficult for us adults to judge how we are perceived by the little ones.”

Find more from Av-og-til (Norway, November 2021)

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