“Join Us for the INSynergy #OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge this #SoberOctober 2021. The #OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge is a simple and fun social media campaign the promotes abstinence from alcohol to highlight the benefits of sobriety, end the sobriety stigma that prevents so many from getting help for alcohol dependence and support those within recovery.

INSynergy, the premiere outpatient addiction medicine clinic in St. Louis Missouri launched the social media engagement campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol throughout the month of October. The #OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge is designed to support those in recovery, educate the public about the benefits of sobriety and raise awareness about the medical condition of alcohol dependence.

“We want everyone to realize that it is okay to be sober,” Dr. Arturo Taca Jr., the Medical Director of INSynergy said. “It may sound funny to say that, but for many of our patients, society sends the message that NOT drinking alcohol is abnormal.”

Learn more from INSynergy (USA, October 2021)

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