100% living, 0% drink driving

“As part of its new campaign, the Walloon Agency for Road Safety is raising awareness among all road users to enjoy it without taking any risk, by contributing to the party in complete safety with 0% alcohol drinks, and/or by anticipating the return home.

Knowing that in 2020, despite the curfew restrictions and the closure of the Horeca which limited the number of drivers under the influence of alcohol on the roads , in Wallonia, 56 lives could have been saved and 1237 accidents avoided if nobody got behind the wheel while drinking.

For a safe return, partying without consuming alcohol is possible, and is even becoming a trend.  Just see the abundance of festive alternatives of aperitif, cocktail base and non-alcoholic beers, now available alongside soft drinks.

With the health crisis, we have all learned to be careful about our survival, let’s continue to do this, on the road too.”

Find more from l’Agence wallonne pour la Sécurité routière (Belgium, June 2021)

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