ADF Community Hub

“The Community Hub is the place for information, tools and ideas you can use to start a conversation or run an activity in your local community.

Maintaining community connections and having conversations about alcohol and other drugs is a simple and empowering way to develop positive relationships and reduce AOD-related harm.”

Learn more about the Community Hub (Australia, 2021)

“The Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) program supports community organisations to reduce harms from alcohol and other drugs (AOD) in their local area.

Find out about the new Local Drug Action Teams announced in 2021.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF), funded by the Australian Government, works with LDATs helping them to build or extend local partnerships, and develop and deliver evidence-based activities where it matters the most – at the grassroots, community level.

The fact is, no community is the same and we know that locally-led responses are the most effective when it comes to addressing the challenges of alcohol and other drugs, including crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’).”

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