15-method to help with alcohol problems

“The 15-method is a support for drawing attention to and managing alcohol problems of varying degrees of difficulty, especially in primary care, occupational health care and outpatient psychiatry. The 15-method can be seen as a structured package of evidence-based methods and tools for drawing attention to, investigating and treating alcohol problems.”

Find more about the 15-method from Region Stockholm (Sweden, 2020)

“These short educational videos illustrate person-centred strategies in attending to alcohol. The purpose is use in educational contexts where theoretical sections can benefit from clinical examples.

You get to follow three patients with different health issues in their first visit and a follow-up meeting. You also get a summary comment for each patient. Motivational interviewing (MI) and a person-centered approach is used as strategy.”

Find more HERE

Lennart is quite unaware of his drinking habits and has recently acquired hypertension. In the first video the causal relationship is discussed and Lennart decide to cut down on alcohol. At the revisit, it turns out that his habits are too deep and hard to change. A medication is suggested with good results at a second revisit. In the third video his case is analysed and discussed.

Therese has problems with repeated infections. Her alcohol consumption has increased over the last year. In the first video the doctor acts quite inattentive and miss the opportunity to penetrate the alcohol situation. In the second video with another doctor, her test results show liver enzymes at almost upper limit. This doctor choose to do the AUDIT-test in order to clarify the alcohol situation. The third video shows how effectful it can be with short advices. In the fourth video the case is analysed and discussed.

Karin started to drink more alcohol after becoming a widow. At the same time she got sleeping problems. The first video illustrates a person-centered way to focus on alcohol. The second video illustrates how to use a alcohol calender to monitor consumption and goal setting. Both central in CBT-inspired support. In the third video the case is analysed and discussed.

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