“Ever wonder what goes on inside those “12 Step” Meetings?

While taking psychology courses in graduate school, broadcast executive Denise McIntee observed 12 Step Meetings as part of her coursework. She grew fascinated by these openly secretive gatherings; the stories told were far more compelling, scary, funny, and real than anything she ever heard on radio, television or anywhere else!  She began to produce recorded and live programs featuring people in recovery willing to share not only the success of their sobriety, but the insanity and suffering that drove them to seek help in the first place.

Ray says alcohol would help he feel better about himself. He never liked his life, even as a child. He learned to drink in his youth, by watching his father and other adults. Even as a senior citizen now, his uncle still sits in his shed and drinks. He got an athletic scholarship to a private prep school but got expelled sophomore year, all related to drinking.”

Find more from STEPPIN´OUT RADIO (2021)

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