Drink Drivers are Selfish Pricks

“People who ignore the dangers of driving after drinking are the target of a new hard hitting advertising campaign produced by SAPOL’s Media Road Safety Unit.

Set to appear across TV, print, radio, outdoor and digital platforms this weekend, the campaign takes a no-holds-barred approach to addressing the attitudes and behaviours of drivers who choose to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

The campaign is the result of rigorous research into the motivations of drink drivers.  Interviews with people who admitted to drink driving revealed that convenience is the prevailing reason for choosing to drive rather than take alternative transport or stay at a friend’s house after drinking.

Wanting to have their car at home in the morning,  wanting to sleep in their own bed and wanting to save money rather than pay for a taxi were amongst the reasons given for choosing to drive after drinking, despite the recognised risk of being caught, or worse, being involved in a crash.

The campaign targets the demographic most represented in drink driving statistics (men between 20-40 years) and taps into the increased social stigma and unacceptability of drink driving in the community.”

Find more from South Australia Police (Australia, March 2021)

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