Where is your child tonight?

“Where is Your Child? Your Vision, Their Reality has been developed by Mid Ulster PCSP, PSNI, Breakthru, Dungannon Youth Resource Centre and the Education Authority Youth Service.

The campaign is targeted towards parents/guardians and highlights the need to know where your children really are, who they are with and what they are doing.The campaign has been developed in response to actual incidents where young people have been involved in dangerous, risky and anti social activities while parents/guardians thought they were safe and with someone they trusted. In some cases, young people have required hospitalisation, been seriously injured or assaulted. The campaign aims to improve personal safety, promote responsible choices, reduce incidents of ASB, underage drinking and drugs misuse.

The Your Vision, Their Reality theme highlights the differences between what parents/guardians may think their children are doing, or who they are with, and what the reality can be.

Some advice for parents/guardians

• If your child has been out, chat to them when they get in about what they did, where they were and who they were with

• If your child wants to stay at a friend’s house, discuss the arrangements with the other parents/adults, not just with the child

• Use social media and apps to check in with your child, particularly if you can actually see them face to face for example, Face Time, Video Chat and Skype

• Agree a time with your child when you expect them to come home.”

Find more about Mid Ulster PCSP (Northern Ireland, 2018)

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