Think first

“Cancer Society of Finland investigated alcohol use among women aged 25–35 years. Alcohol has become involved in situations it did not belong to before. Wine yoga and “skumppa-spinning” are not considered to increase the risk of cancer. Cancer organizations published three videos on the subject, starring YleX presenter Jenni Poikelus.

Women get drunk more quickly than men because alcohol is water-soluble, and 75 per cent of a man’s body and about 66 per cent of a woman’s body is water. The same amount of alcohol raises a woman’s blood alcohol level higher than a man’s.

A woman is also, on average, smaller in size and lighter than a man, so a woman’s body breaks down alcohol more slowly than a man’s. Because of this, a woman’s brain and liver are exposed for a more extended period and in proportion to a greater amount of alcohol than a man.

The more alcohol we consume, the higher our risk of developing cancer. Moderate alcohol consumption also increases the risk of cancer. Even minimal amounts of alcohol increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Alcohol increases the risk of oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, oesophagal, liver, intestinal and breast cancers. All alcoholic beverages increase the risk of cancer. It doesn’t matter for cancer, whether a person drinks wine, beer, cider or liquor. The amount of alcohol is crucial.”

Find more from Cancer Society of Finland (Finland, December 2019)

A lady is explaining what the upcoming party will include, a lot of alcohol, as it sounds. Finally it turns out it is the birthday of lady´s little daugther.

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