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“It’s easy for us to talk about the the children we are particularly worried about, with acquaintances, neighbors and co-workers. Children need an adult who sits at their level, looks them in the eye and shows care for them.

The children who do best despite their parents’ circumstances do so because they have been seen by an adult in their immediate environment. This means that even something small you do for a child in your immediate environment, can have great significance for the child’s life and future.

64% say they have been worried about a child, but only 18% of them have actually done something that the child perceived as an act of care.

Figures from CAN show that at least 320,000 children in Sweden are negatively affected by their parents drinking.

In addition, there are a number of children who grow up in other forms of social vulnerability, mental illness, crime or domestic violence. It is highly likely that you have several children in your vicinity who have a tough everyday life.

These children are often good at showing off a facade that hides how they feel. They adapt to the environment and do not talk about how things are at home. Vulnerable children are found in all walks of life, in cities, in the countryside and in all types of families.”

Find more from Jag Ser (Sweden, November 2020) a project by Blue Cross Sweden.

Blue Cross Sweden´s webinar (in Swedish)


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