“The 15-method is a support for dealing with alcohol problems and dependence on different degrees of difficulty, especially in primary care and occupational health care.

The 15-method can be seen as an example or suggestion of how to deal with alcohol problems in a structured way. The method has brought together the investigation and treatment components that have the strongest evidence and that can be integrated into, for example, primary care, occupational health care or preoperative risk assessment.

The name 15 method has been chosen due to the fact that the target group is people with at least 15 points at AUDIT and that several of the visits can take place in just 15 minutes in primary care.

The 15 method has high evidence and strong research support. The parts of the 15-method are based on National guidelines for substance abuse and addiction care in 2015, as well as National guidelines for disease prevention methods 2011 from the National Board of Health and Welfare.

The model consists of three steps, where one or two steps are sometimes enough and sometimes you go all the way.

Find more from Region Stockholm (Sweden, 2020)

The purpose of the training videos is that they can be used in teaching, where they can supplement theoretical teaching sections with a clinical aspect. Materials are in Swedish.

Find all videos HERE

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