My teenager

“Do what you normally do as parents, meaning:

  • You are interested in knowing how your daughter is doing; you support your child and want her to feel as good as possible.
  • You show interest in what your son does; you know where he goes and with whom.
  • You set boundaries to protect them. And you give them freedom for them to grow up autonomously.

And regarding alcohol:

  • You give the example: you drink small quantities yourself.
  • You are very clear: alcohol is not a beverage for people under the age of 16.
  • You don’t make a big fuss if your child drinks a little alcohol. But you pay attention: when do you drink? where? with whom?
    Have you observed any changes? If you are unsure, if you are worried: do not hesitate, ask for professional help. The younger your child is, the more alcohol is at stake, the more you should react clearly.”

    Find more from (Switzerland, 2020)

This video is on German, but you can turn on the English subtitles (or any other language) by enabling subtitles (CC) and then choosing auto-translate from Settings.

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