I´ll Pass Challenge

“The science is very clear that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is unsafe; it can cause birth defects and lifelong disabilities known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). The most effective way to prevent FASD is be avoiding alcohol if you’re pregnant or might be in the near future. We all play a role in supporting alcohol-free pregnancies and raising awareness about FASD.Partners, friends and family can show support for a loved one who’s making the choice to be #pregnantAF (pregnant, alcohol-free! 😉) by sharing zero-proof drinks, abstaining from alcohol themselves and talking about the benefits of an alcohol-free pregnancy. To show your support for FASD awareness and help us celebrate the choice to be alcohol-free during pregnancy, please join us for the I’ll Pass Challenge!

Here’s how: oShare a video like this where you’re gesturing to decline or “pass” on an alcoholic beverageoIn your caption, share why you support alcohol-free pregnanciesoTag @proofalliance and use #IllPassChallengeAt the end of the month, we’ll use all your videos to create an I’ll Pass compilation video that celebrates the choice to be alcohol-free during pregnancy. Together, let’s pass on drinking during pregnancy.”

Find more from Proof Alliance (September, 2020)

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