Pour Choices Add Up

“The Dunedin Alcohol Harm Reduction Group, a network of organisations, have launched a new campaign to encourage people of Ōtepoti Dunedin to reflect on their use of alcohol products. 

The multi-media campaign aims to increase people’s awareness that they might be drinking more alcohol than they think, and that alcoholic products cause long-term health harms.”

Read more from Southern Health 

“Alcoholic products can cause at least seven types of cancer. We can reduce the risk of our loved ones developing these cancers by reducing how much we pour for them.”

“Drinking any amount of alcohol increases the risk of your loved ones developing cancer. No alcohol is best to reduce cancer risk, however, if choosing to drink alcohol try aiming for less or following New Zealand’s low-risk guidelines.

Low risk drinking recommendations to reduce long term health risks are for females to drink no more than two standard drinks a day and males to drink no more than three. Everyone should have at least two alcohol free days a week – find out more at www.alcohol.org.nz.”

Visit Pour Choices Add Up (New Zealand, September 2020)

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