‘Active Recovery’ Workout – NI Alcohol Awareness Week 2020

“This year the ARC Fitness community will support Northern Ireland Alcohol Awareness Week by hosting an open Online ‘ACTIVE RECOVERY’ home workout session. 🏋🏻

On Saturday 20th June @ 10.00am, this free online ZOOM fitness session is open to all individuals struggling with their relationship to alcohol and other substances; their families & their supporters. Members of the public are welcome too to show their support! 👍👍

The importance of exercise in recovery is immense and not only positively benefits our physical health, but most importantly, helps build self esteem; self confidence and self worth, all the thing damaged through addiction.”

Find more from www.arcfitness.co.uk (June 2020, Northern Ireland)

“ADDICTION RECOVERY COACHING: Our abstinence-orientated approach to recovery builds therapeutic environments for individuals recovering from substance misuse disorders enabling them focus on improving their mental and physical wellbeing through physical activity, professional support and re-connection with community.”

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