Let´s Drop the A Word

“March 15 – 21 is National Impaired Driving Prevention Awareness Week across Canada. MADD Canada joins governments, law enforcement agencies and community organizations in raising awareness about the risks and consequences of impaired driving.

To highlight the entirely preventable nature of impaired driving, and the related crashes, deaths and injuries, MADD Canada and its National President Jaymie-Lyne Hancock are releasing a short video message titled “Drop the A Word” to encourage Canadians to avoid referring to impaired driving as an “accident”.

“When an impaired driver killed my brother DJ, some people used the ‘A’ word. They called it an ‘accident’. But it wasn’t. An accident implies that no one was at fault,” Ms. Hancock explains in the video. “But when someone impaired by alcohol and/or drugs chooses to drive, they are fully responsible for the crash that can result.”

Find more from MADD.ca (Canada, March 2020)

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