How much violence is caused by alcohol?

“What does the relationship between alcohol and violence look like? Is violence becoming more severe with alcohol? How many intoxicants lead to violence? And what kind of alcohol causes the most violence? That is being discussed by the Crime Professor! Follow @krimprofessorn on Instagram!”

Find more from Alcohol and violence report- Alcohol and society 2017/2018. An overview of international and Swedish research. Published by IOGT-NTO, Swedish Medical Society and CERA in collaboration with the Responsibility Foundation, 2017/2018.

“Violence is unacceptable – we can all agree. Alcohol has such an obvious role in our everyday lives that we, as a society, refuse to see the connection. In practice, this means that we close our eyes to the fact that many children and young people are severely affected. That women have to look an extra time over their shoulders when they walk home from the bus stop. That a football game can degenerate into violence and give scars for life.”

This video is in Swedish, but you can use Auto-translate when you first enable the Subtitles (CC) and then choose from Settings the Auto-translate option.

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