“Because you are not superheroes and because road accidents are the leading cause of death and handicap among young people aged 18 to 25 , L’olivier Assurance has put together a little file for you. will keep in mind the importance of making a crucial choice between drinking and driving.

Young drivers are involved in 24% of fatal accidents and in ¼ of road accidents due to excessive blood alcohol levels. Did you know?

This is why the regulations have been tightened and in particular for probationary permits. While the blood alcohol limit is set at 0.25 g of alcohol per liter of blood for experienced drivers, the limit is lowered to 0.20 g of alcohol per liter of blood for a young driver with a license probationary.

But in concrete terms, what does it mean to have 0.20 g of alcohol per liter of blood? In reality, this represents ZERO GLASS OF ALCOHOL , because the threshold for the authorized blood alcohol level is already exceeded from the first drink.

To give you an idea, a glass of alcohol represents approximately a blood alcohol level of between 0.20 g and 0.30 g of alcohol per liter of blood, regardless of the type of alcoholic drink.”

Find more from L’olivier Assurance (France, 2020)

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