One in a hundred

“Just in time for 9/9 -19 the Swedish FAS-föreningen launched the campaign (one in a hundred). The campaign targeted all child healthcare units (BVC) in Sweden.

Most children visit BVC several times during their first six years of life. Therefor it’s extremely important that nurses and doctors at BVC have basic knowledge about FASD, and are able to recognize the signs. Today they are not.

The campaign was spread in a folder, sent together with a personal letter to more than 1 000 BVC units, and a website The website is made to provide basic knowledge – not only attention – readily available and fast. In less than two minutes the visitors go thru six steps with short statements about FASD, to determine if they are true or false. All facts on the website and in the folder are checked by pediatric neurologist, Dr Magnus Landgren, named on the site.  At the website there is also a YouTube film “FASD in 100 seconds” and some very short stories/quotes from parents and others.

Ads on Facebook were used to market After two weeks the ads on Facebooks has reached more than 20 000 users and nearly 3 000 persons has gone through the six steps at the website. The campaign will continue throughout September.

Next year the campaign will return and target people working with social service.”

Visit (Sweden, September 2019)

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