Responding to Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Third Level

“Students and staff across 10 of Ireland’s third level institutions have been recognised for their efforts to reduce harm experienced by students from excessive alcohol consumption with a UCC-led programme. Developed in 2015 by UCC Health Matters — in collaboration with the Union of Students in Ireland and the Irish Student Health Association, and jointly funded by the HSE and the philanthropic Tomar Trust — REACT is an awards and accreditation scheme for third-level institutions, which have implemented an action plan in partnership with their students and student leaders to campaign to reduce alcohol damage.” Source:

Find more from REACT (Ireland, 2015-2019)

Optional Action Points – Points List

Action Point Credits
1. Designate a specific college official to have overall responsibility for the REACT project 1 credit
2. Develop a calendar of events in conjunction with the local Students’ Union 2 credits
3. Develop reporting mechanism for tracking high risk promotions by local licensees 3 credits
4. REACT Training Toolkit is utilised at class rep training to provide them with relevant safety information 1 credit
5. Alcohol counselling service available to students 3 credits
6. Hold an annual meeting with local stakeholders 1 credit
7. Develop a visible and accessible referral pathway to a range of internal and external alcohol support services for students 2 credits
8. Provide alcohol free housing and alcohol free social spaces 3 credits
9. Partnerships developed with relevant local community groups 1 credit
10. Provide late night transport to student accommodation 2 credits
11. Develop and implement a Student Community Support system 3 credits
12. Allocate space for Alcoholic Anonymous 2 credits
13. Map local licensed premises 2 credits
14. Require RSA training for all on campus bar staff 2 credits
15. Use the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) as preferred measure of drinking patterns and alcohol-related harm 3 credits
16. Conduct robust alcohol related qualitative research with students 3 credits
17. Enable PhD/Academic researcher to conduct a study on your Action Plan 3 credits
18. Provide all of the relevant college data related to the Action Plan to the National REACT co-ordinator /researcher 3 credits

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