When you drink, your child too!

“Fascinating Child’s World Foundation with the Cieszyn Poviat authorities announced together “Year of FAS/FASD in the Cieszyn Poviat” which was initiated by our international training conference in Katowice at 09/09/2019. Here is official webpage of this campaing: http://rokfas.pl/

The campaign’s slogan is: “When you drink, your child too!”

“FAS / FASD Year in the Cieszyn Poviat” 09/09/2019 – 09/09/2020

From the very beginning, the Fascinating Child’s World Foundation has been trying to spread accurate knowledge about FAS / FASD. Our main goal is to change stereotypical thinking about this disease and bring government support for children suffering from FAS/FASD and their families. Unfortunately, children with FAS / FASD do not have any support, which is why they are often referred to as “invisible children”.

Among us, however, there are people of great heart who are not indifferent to the fate of the abused child. Such people include the self-government authorities of the Cieszyn Poviat, headed by Staroste Mieczysław Szczurek and deputy Staroste Janina Żagan. It was on the initiative of Ms Janina Żagan, who was not indifferent to the fate of sick children, that the “FAS / FASD Year in the Cieszyn Poviat” was announced together with the Fascinating Children’s World Foundation.”

Planned activities
-Two large international conferences
-Trainings for medical environments
-Trainings for educators and diagnosticians
-Trainings lectures throughout the Poviat
-Lectures and talks for children and youth

-Advertising, poster and information campaigns
-Duty hours and increased free access to specialists
-Discounts for conducting FAS / FASD diagnoses
-Running therapeutic groups for children with FAS / FASD
-Researches on FAS / FASD”

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