Alcohol Abuse in Massachusetts

“Oftentimes, families and friends of alcohol addicts do not understand that alcoholism is a disease. And just as any other disease, alcoholism requires treatment and support in order for the addict to fully recover. It is a long and challenging road to regain sobriety, but it is absolutely achievable with the help and support of family and friends, along with the guidance and care of an excellent treatment center.

Alcoholism is the excessive consumption of alcohol which leads to alcohol dependence. There is both a mental and physical aspect to alcohol addiction. You may have an alcohol problem if you have:

Intense cravings for alcohol
Drink alone
Become defensive when others confront you about your drinking habits
Are unable to control how much alcohol you consume
Become angry or irritable when you consume alcohol
Miss important family events or work due to your alcohol consumption
Feel guilty about your drinking
Need to drink more and more to feel the effects of alcohol”.

Find more from Northeast Addictions Treatment Center (USA)

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