We may be rivals, but we all agree…

“The Estill/Powell Agency for Substance Abuse Policy is leading a Social Media Campaign aimed to help prevent youth substance use in our communities. This campaign will feature photos of Estill and Powell County students together to show that although they may be rivals in school sports and activities, they can come together to agree on important issues that affect their well being. Statistics show that alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use is not the “norm” among teens, even though some may feel that way. The participating students were nominated by their peers with the help of their school’s Family Resource and Youth Services Center director. Parents of students have consented to their child being a part of this initiative and all student participants have pledged to be alcohol and drug free.
One photo will be released per week over a four-month period. The campaign will run July through October 2019. We hope the messages reach far and wide so feel free to tag and share! Please invite all your friends to “like” our page and be sure to watch for our upcoming photos!
-Estill/Powell Agency for Substance Abuse Policy”

Find more from https://www.estillpowellasap.org/ (USA, July 2019)

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