No more than two drinks a day

“The Ministry of Health, through its agency Public Health France, launches Tuesday its new information campaign on alcohol. The goal is to set benchmarks for the French who are the eighth largest drinkers in the world, just behind the countries of the east as Poland, Hungary or Russia. Nine million French people say they drink regularly, five of them every day, but few know what moderate drinking means.

“I do not think it’s bad.” When you ask the French about the maximum number of glasses recommended per day, this is the big blur. “I know it’s pretty much recommended to drink a glass of red wine a day, no more I think”, “I do not think it’s bad because it seems that even in retirement homes, the drinkers are made to drink a glass of wine a day or a glass of champagne because it seems that it is good for health “,” it’s two or three glasses for men I think, and for women, ‘is less,’ answer those to whom Europe 1 asked the question.

But that’s none of it. The new rule, translated into advertising slogan, gives: “Maximum two glasses a day, and not every day.” And this concerns men as well as women. If this threshold is exceeded, it becomes risky for health.”

Find more from (France, March 2019)

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