Road to Recovery

“Novus Detox has created a new infographic for the new year that educates the family and friends of drug and alcohol abusers on understanding the steps that are the road to recovery for most.”

“This infographic begins with the potential step of Intervention, which some have seen dramatized on TV, but most don’t realize that there are different kinds of intervention and the alternatives are many. And it should be understood that intervention is only necessary when the abuser is in denial.

Novus has found that many people do not understand the difference between “detox” and “rehab” or believe they are the same thing. This infographic is designed to help clarify this and to help people understand that not all drugs require detox, however opioids and alcohol often do.

“It is important that people understand that recovery is road that needs to be traveled,” says Bryn Wesch, CEO of Novus Medical Detox Centers, “and that each has to find the road that is right for him or her, as there is no one path for everyone. We hope to make that better understood with this infographic.”

From Novus Medical Detox Centers (USA, December 2018)

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