Who’s it gonna hurt?

“Every year we are set about making New Year’s resolutions. Usually it’s about ourselves, move more – join a gym, diet – make a salad, drink less – skip the bottle shop. But what about the whole picture around us? Surely our boozy culture is long overdue for a big change.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with having a drink, a fair few still drink in a way that puts them and others at risk of an injury (and long-term disease). Compared to the rest of Victoria, Wodonga has much higher rates of alcohol-fuelled emergency hospital visits, road injuries, assaults and family violence.

Our goal was to come up with an approach that could change the Wodonga booze culture for good. 
We used a range of methods to touch base with locals. We used focus groups, forums, an online survey and insights from people in the health and community services sector to unpack drinking habits, patterns, trends and attitudes of men in blue-collar industries in Wodonga.”

Find more from VicHealth  and Wodonga Vic(Australia, 2018)

Visit website Who´s it Gonna Hurt

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