Alcohol and your workplace

“Many employers look at alcohol use as a private matter, but it is not,” argues Av-og-til, the Norwegian campaign-organisation in its new campaign.

#Metoo campaign has opened our eyes to the extent of sexual harassment in our societies and also how much that is linked to alcohol use at the workplaces.

“Social arrangements that are about alcohol, and only that, can quickly become exclusive. For pregnant women, for those with a personal or religious conviction indicating that they do not want to drink or for the alcoholic who tries to stay on the right path. An employer whose social gatherings only involves Friday games and damp Christmas tables do not take responsibility for an inclusive workplace.”

“When you drink, you become more impulsive, risky and think less about consequences. At the same time, the coordination and balance are reduced. Placing more such people in the same room increases the risk of injury. It’s just simple math.”

“Alcoholism is behind absenteeism and inefficiency in the workplace, which corresponds to huge sums every year. This means that even if you think #Metoo is exaggerated, even though you know for sure that none of your employees has an alcohol problem, even though you expect all employees to love the paycheck and even if you think employees are responsible for their own disease and injury risk – there is still reason to do something about the alcohol culture at work.”

Find more from Av-og-til and from (Norway, 2018).


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