Lydia – a childhood made of glass

“No child should suffer because of alcohol. One good reminder of this is Lydia, a game created by the Finnish game studio Platonic Partnership. The desktop version was released last year, and Alko is now bringing out a mobile version.

Lydia is an interactive story about a little girl who lives in an alcoholic family and suffers because of her parents’ drinking. At last year’s Finnish Game Awards, Lydia won both the Best Creative Achievement and the Finnish Game of the Year. And at last year’s GameXpo, Platonic Partnership was voted Finnish Game Developer of the Year.

By virtue of its important theme, the game also aroused interest at Alko, as it fits in perfectly with Alko’s programme In the Company of Children. This responsibility programme seeks to examine adults’ alcohol consumption through the eyes of children, and challenge parents to consider how they use alcohol in the company of children and what kind of example they’re giving.

Lydia was originally produced as a paid game in English, but it has now been translated into Finnish and Alko will be making it available to all Finns free of charge through iOS and Android app stores.”

Find more from (Finland, September 2018).

“Lydia is an award winning (The Best Creative Achievement of the Year and People’s Choice Game of the Year awards at Finnish Game Awards 2018) visual novel which deals with adults substance abuse from the perspective of a little girl.”

Learn more about Platonic Partnership.

You can download Lydia from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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