Alcohol Alert

“It’s Friday night, and after a long week, it’s quite normal to want to be able to sit down, relax and have a drink with friends. “It’s just one drink” they say. What’s the harm? So you take a sip. Then another, and another. Eventually, you finish it. Well, the night is still young, so let’s get another one!

In modern times, it is social norm to go out and have drinks. According to international healthcare guidelines, moderate alcohol use may provide certain healthcare benefits however over the limit, these can actually affect people negatively. In many cases, is the main contributing factor of fatal deaths in traffic accidents. This not only is hazardous to the person itself, but the damage caused by alcohol-related accidents can be devastating to the families of those victimized.

According to WHO “Alcohol-attributable injuries are of a growing concern to the public health community, with alcohol-related injuries such as road traffic accidents, burns, poisonings, falls and drownings making up more than a third of the disease burden attributable to alcohol consumption”

Join us to share the awareness of the Alcoholic Campaign and show the public.”
Campaign by IPSF – International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (July 2018).

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