Underage Drinking and Social Hosting – It’s Just Easier

“It’s Just Easier” is a 4:12 minute TABC PSA about Jack, a 17 year-old recently graduated high-school senior, his parent’s, Dan and Cindy and his friends. Jack and his friends want to attend an underage drinking party for graduation that is 20 miles out of town, and Dan and Cindy are reluctant to allow Jack to be put danger. They begin to think of ways that Jack will lose his friends, or obtain alcohol someplace else if they say no. So they agree to allow Jack to invite a few friends over and offer to provide the beer. Even with the best laid plans and establishing house rules Dan and Cindy find out that it is against the law to provide alcohol to minors even with their parent’s permission, and encouraging underage drinking in your home or on your property can have serious risks. “It’s Just Easier” shows parents and other adults how quickly underage drinking and intoxication can have far reaching consequences that impact others, whether or not they choose to consume alcohol. Do not allow or encourage underage drinking under your roof. Choose-alcohol free events for youth.”

Find more from The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

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