FRIDAY – You don´t have to drink to have fun

Friday is the day in which we all can experience the entire spectrum of a day. This day is where ‘work hard and play hard’ comes together. Everyday, students across the world wake up early in the morning, regardless of if they really feel like it or not, and they go to class…to work. They work on projects, brightening their futures, getting down to business, and getting things done. They do it because they have goals and dreams. They all are working towards some thing, regardless of what that some thing may be. Despite what their goals are, they all at some point take time to cut loose, realign, refocus, have fun, and enjoy friends, family, and the little things of life. It is in these moments, that we are looking to provide encouragement to every student who is working to convert their dreams into reality. So that all students remember the great decisions that they make each and everyday and build on the habit of great decision making. So that we make the best decision for ourselves when presented with the option to make any decision that may negatively alter the trajectory of dreams.

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