If you talk about it, you’re not alone

“Fighting Addiction” is a poignant documentary that unravels the untold story of Matt Willis, the famed musician from Busted, and his battle with addiction. Willis, an accomplished actor and a father of three, candidly shares his struggles with drugs and alcohol addiction, which have pushed him to the brink on numerous occasions. The documentary paints a raw and honest picture of his daily fight for sobriety and his constant fear of relapse.

The film traces Willis’s journey back to his childhood, offering potential insights into the roots of his addiction. It also showcases his life-changing experience at a rehab centre on the south coast, which paved his path towards recovery just before his wedding to TV presenter Emma Willis.

Throughout his journey, Willis meets other addicts and explores the scientific aspects of addiction at Imperial College London, seeking to understand why people become dependent on drugs and alcohol. He also highlights the invaluable support he received from his wife, Emma, bandmates, and family.

The documentary concludes as Willis prepares for a reunion tour with Busted, a scenario that has previously put him at risk of relapse. As he explores the myriad causes of his addictions and the treatments available, Willis embarks on a mission to maintain his sobriety and help others in their battle with addiction. The film is a moving testament to Willis’s resilience and journey towards understanding, recovery, and peace.

Find more about the documentary from BBC (UK, May 2023)

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