Alcohol Dialogue Week – Liechtenstein

Since 2011, Liechtenstein has been hosting Alcohol Dialogue Week every two years in May. The initiative brings a critical perspective on alcohol consumption to the forefront. Surveys indicate that many people are unaware of the specific effects and harmful levels of alcohol consumption.

Excessive to problematic alcohol consumption is often downplayed in Liechtenstein, and alcohol dependency remains taboo. The Alcohol Dialogue Week campaign, initiated in 2011, aims to educate the populace about the possible consequences of alcohol consumption.

The Dialogue Week encourages individuals to reflect on their own alcohol consumption and engage in conversations on topics such as:

  • How much alcohol do I drink?
  • When does it become too much?

Over the course of the week, numerous webinars take place on the website of the project’s major partner, the Austrian Association for Addiction Prevention. These online events are freely accessible, straightforward, and anonymous for the residents of Liechtenstein.

From May 8th to 14th, Alcohol Dialogue Week takes place in Liechtenstein and Austria, spotlighting critical engagement with alcohol. Numerous online events allow for uncomplicated, free, and anonymous participation. You can find all relevant information, including free online events, at

We would like to extend our gratitude to the contributors of this interview:

  • Fabian “Halti” Haltinner, Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter
  • Martin Birnbaumer-Onder, Addiction Commissioner, Office for Social Services
  • Dr. Nicolas Beerle, Head of Emergency and Senior Physician Internal Medicine, Liechtenstein National Hospital

All individual interviews are available on our YouTube channel.

Addiction Prevention Liechtenstein operates on behalf of the Liechtenstein government and its Commission for Addiction Issues (KOSU). Its work is based on the fact that addiction is a disease with severe consequences but can often be successfully prevented through preventive measures.

The guiding principles for the work are the addiction policy principles, which were published in a revised form in 2020.

Find more from (Liechtenstein, May 2023)

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