Over the Top

A few days ago, on April 10, the Durango Police Department initiated a campaign to address the overselling and overconsumption of alcohol. The campaign, dubbed “Over the Top,” is a collaborative effort between the police department and community partners to tackle many alcohol-related issues, including driving under the influence, domestic violence, child abuse, public disturbances, vandalism, burglaries, and homicides.

Police Chief Bob Brammer expressed concern over the frequent alcohol-related incidents his department faces, emphasizing the heartache and devastation overconsumption has caused for many Durango families. The initiative aims to promote dialogue, generate ideas, and potentially offer solutions involving not only the police department but also the entire community.

Over the coming months, the campaign will highlight the effects of overconsumption on local businesses, city resources, and individuals impacted by alcohol abuse. It will feature a weekly series of video segments, which include interviews with police officers, emergency response teams, liquor establishment owners, victims of alcohol-related accidents, representatives from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and local organizations working to curb alcohol abuse.

These short videos, filmed over the past several months, will be posted on the department’s Facebook page to introduce viewers to various perspectives on the overselling and overconsumption of alcohol, its impact on public health and safety, and ways to promote responsible drinking. The interviews will eventually be incorporated into a larger documentary project to be presented at future community gatherings and town hall meetings throughout Durango.

Find more from the Durango Police Department (USA, April 2023)

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