Light & Unite Red Week

Light & Unite Red, an annual event led by the RISE Drug Free MKE coalition, promotes community-wide prevention education to combat substance use and abuse. Formerly known as the Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (MCSAP), the organization has rallied diverse community organizations, local health departments, government entities, and other allies to address this critical issue. This year’s theme, “Ignite Hope, Inspire Community, Rise Together,” emphasizes the importance of a united front in fighting substance use and supporting recovery.

Coinciding with National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week (March 20-26), Light & Unite Red 2023 offers enlightening events, workshops, and resources to foster health and wellness throughout Milwaukee County. Through these efforts, the coalition seeks to raise awareness about the dangers of substance use and addiction while encouraging prevention, treatment, and recovery.

In solidarity, numerous local businesses and organizations have pledged to light up iconic landmarks and buildings in red to symbolize their commitment to substance use awareness education among the youth and the broader community. By shining a light on this vital issue, Light & Unite Red 2023 aims to cultivate a supportive environment for those struggling with addiction and their families, reinforcing the notion that no one has to face these challenges alone.

According to RISE Drug-Free MKE, substance use disorders affect individuals and entire communities. The coalition’s multifaceted approach, which includes education, prevention, and recovery support, empowers people to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Through Light & Unite Red, the coalition hopes to create a ripple effect of positive change, inspiring more individuals and organizations to join the movement and work together to build a healthier, safer, and more resilient Milwaukee.

For more information about Light & Unite Red 2023 events and how to get involved, visit the RISE Drug Free MKE website at

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