I don’t drink

Young women express their opinions on the topic “I don’t drink” with a clear view and powerful words. They should be encouraged to examine their relationship with alcohol and question the reasons behind it.

Nine girls participated in a workshop organized by Holla e. V. beforehand. Together, they explored the various motivations behind alcohol consumption. They also considered aspects that were not immediately apparent to the girls. Alternatives to alcohol were discussed. The girls developed ideas on how to experience positive emotions without alcohol or with only a small amount of it.

See the statements made by the workshop participants on both #idontdrink and #idrink.

• When I actually need support, #idrink
• Because it’s expected, #idrink
• Because it makes it easier for me to love myself, #idrink
• Out of fear of not being enough, #idrink
• When everything is too much, #idrink
• Because you meet up for a beer, #idrink
• To be heard, #idrink
• To connect with others, #idrink
• Because I can finally let go, #idrink

Find more from Stadt Köln (Germany, 2023)

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