Not Drinking Is An Art!

“In the UK and US, people attempt a month without drinking alcohol under the banner of Dry January, but in Czechia, February is the nationally recognized month for abstaining. Suchej únor (Dry February) is now in its 11th year, and this time is being held under the slogan ‘Not Drinking Is An Art!’

Suchej únor launched in Czechia in 2013, the same year that Dry January launched in the UK, and has only increased in popularity since then. Last year, 13.5 percent of the adult population in Czechia participated in the event – and according to a survey, more than half of those who participated were still drinking less than previously even four months later.”

Read further from Radio Prague International (Czechia, February 2023)

“The rules are simple. Not a drop of alcohol for the entire month of February. Traditionally, participants in the “Dry February” can register for the challenge at “This year you can get drier than ever before. We have themed oSušky aka paintings with unique original artwork for participants. We will also once again take all registered participants through the entire Dry February from start to finish. By purchasing an art oSuška you will support our long-term work in the field of awareness, education and prevention of risky behaviour,” explains Petr Freimann, director of the non-profit organisation Suchej únor, which organises the campaign, on behalf of the organisers.

“Trying a month without alcohol seems easy at first. But really it’s the courage to try something new, the ability to look honestly at yourself, the strength to step out of the rut and go your own way. All this can also be said about art: from a distance, it may not be a great work, but the moment one is faced with a blank canvas, a stage light or a white page, one understands the value of the work in a completely different way. At Sucháč, we think that everyone can discover their art – if they look beyond the boundaries of their own ordinariness and comfort,” says Petr Freimann, describing this year’s theme.

People can get involved by showcasing their art for Suchac 2023! They can stick to their talents or try something completely new. Then film, photograph, upload, write, paint, sculpt, but most importantly share the work! And do it with the hashtags #nepitjeumeni and #suchejunor. The theme is also accompanied by graphics by Slovak artist Bára Kmecová, which will be reflected in all the campaign’s outputs. The campaign graphics were created by Lukáš Bartoň.”


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