Good health has nothing to do with alcohol

With the festive season, the month of January is often synonymous with celebrations accompanied by the consumption of alcohol, to wish each other a happy new year and toast the health of friends and family. But alcohol has nothing to do with good health, states the new campaign by Public Health France.

“Every year 41,000 deaths are attributable to alcohol. Its consumption, even in small doses, increases the risk of cancer, haemorrhagic stroke and heart rhythm disorders, making it a major public health concern. This is why Santé publique France, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, is launching the “Good health has nothing to do with alcohol” campaign, which invites people to question the link between alcohol and good health, to change the way they look at their alcohol consumption and, if necessary, to seek help via the Alcool Info Service.

From January 9th to 31st 2023, Public Health France is broadcasting the new campaign “Good health has nothing to do with alcohol.” Its goals are to demystify alcohol consumption by highlighting the absurdity of wishing for “good health” or “health” while clinking glasses of alcohol, to prevent and reduce the risks associated with it, and to provide help tools via the Alcool Info Service remote assistance program.

The film shows a variety of contexts where people drink alcohol. It shows a series of moments of conviviality in scenes of everyday life (graduation, work drinks, dinner in a restaurant, etc.), or linked to New Year’s greetings, during which people toast each other by wishing each other “good health” or “health”.

While the first sequences take time to build up, the following sequences accelerate, punctuated by the sound of clinking glasses and the repetition of the word ‘health’, creating a saturation effect. The spot ends with the campaign slogan, “Good health has nothing to do with alcohol”, and reminds us of the long-term risks associated with alcohol consumption, even at low levels.”

Find more from Santé Publique France (France, January 2023)

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