Help us save lives

“Every year, thousands of people drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Your tips can be crucial in preventing crime or traffic accidents and also give these people and their families a chance at a life free of alcohol and drugs.

According to figures from the Swedish Transport Administration, around a quarter of all traffic fatalities are in an alcohol- or drug-related traffic accident. Approximately every five hundred drivers on our roads are drunk.

Tell the police!

– If you suspect that someone in your vicinity is driving drunk or under the influence of drugs, call the police! Your tip can change people’s lives and prevent a traffic accident at the same time as it helps us become even better in our traffic safety work, says Ursula Edström, traffic strategist at the police.

Call 112 for urgent tips. You can also call 114 14 to leave tips that are not urgent, or tip us at Remember to leave as much information as you can about vehicles, routes, times and more. You can be anonymous.

If the police detect impaired drivers in traffic, they are offered contact with healthcare. This is part of the SMADIT method (Cooperation against alcohol and drugs in traffic), a collaboration between different authorities with the aim of offering support to suspected drunk drivers. The idea is that they should receive a call from the health service within 24 hours.

– Many of these people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs do not realize that they have an addiction – until it is too late. It can be a neighbour, girlfriend or colleague, anyone in your vicinity that you least expect, says Ursula Edström.

Film to draw attention to the problem

“The film is intended to arouse emotions. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have terrible consequences,” concludes Ursula Edström.”

Find more from Polisen (Sweden, 2021)

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