Alcohol Awareness Week from a societal perspective

“The national awareness week for risky use of alcohol is an annually recurring initiative during week 45. It is an initiative in which many are involved, such as organizations, companies, municipalities, county councils, county administrations, other authorities and the healthcare system. The aim is to draw attention to the alcohol issue from a broad societal perspective.

Approximately one million people in Sweden have alcohol habits that increase the risk of many health problems and injuries, including alcohol addiction. Alcohol causes significant societal costs every year. In a survey from 2020, alcohol’s economic consequences for society were calculated at approximately SEK 103 billion for 2017.

Ahead of this year’s awareness week on November 7-13, five films are being produced that shed light on alcohol in society from different perspectives. The films will be posted on the website, where there is also current information on alcohol issues and alcohol prevention. The website also contains a number of downloadable reports and documents from researchers and authorities, as well as interesting links to information in the area of alcohol.

Welcome to be part of week 45! Help us spread the word!” Lars Olov Sjöström, MHF

Find more from (Sweden, November 2022). MHF is a non-profit road safety organization in Sweden that primarily works for road sobriety. We have approximately 9,000 members. The organization is divided into seven geographical regions and approximately 150 local departments.

Lars Englund – District physician
Lars Englund, with his extensive experience after 30 years at the Swedish Road Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency, is the doctor in Sweden who has the most experience of what is required of a person who has been caught for drunk driving in order to get their driver’s license back.

Ulric Hermansson – Sociologist Riddargatan 1 Stockholm
At Riddargatan 1 in Stockholm we find the reception for alcohol and health. We meet Ulric Hermansson, who is one of the most meritorious in Sweden when it comes to issues related to alcohol and drugs in working life.

Gun-Lis Roos – Chairman MHF Sollentuna
Gun-Lis Roos from MHF Sollentuna talks about their good collaboration with Sollentuna municipality in arranging various activities linked to sobriety and traffic safety. An alcohol-free student celebration is an example of an activity that MHF Sollentuna has carried out together with Sollentuna municipality for many years with good results.

Thomas Andersson – Secretary of Community Medicine region Jämtland Härjedalen
Thomas Andersson works preventively against alcohol and drugs linked to mental health in the Jämtland Härjedalen region. Thomas talks about several interesting examples of their good cooperation with the municipalities and associations around these issues.

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